About Us

Welcome to Jersey Shore Delivery!

Who We Are

We are local New Jersey natives, born and bred on the Jersey Shore. We are moms, dads, local friends, family, and professionals. We are active leaders in local youth sports, beach clubs, businesses, religious groups and on social media. Combined, we have over 100 years of experience managing businesses, caring for employees, teaching our children, driving results, and bringing new revenue to local businesses. It's our mission to help local restaurants build long-lasting, profitable businesses.

What We Do

We drive new revenue to local restaurants and stores by acting as an extension of their brick and mortar businesses. We market and advertise local merchants to local consumers through a pay-for-performance model making sure that 100% of the risk of advertising falls solely on us. If we don’t perform, we don’t get paid. Each merchant has their own environment on our website where consumers can place orders. Once orders are placed with our merchants, our dedicated experience team makes sure that each order is meticulously handled and delivered.

About the Founder

Mike Davis is a Rumson native who has spent the bulk of his career building online food delivery services. Twenty years ago, he was part of a small group of entrepreneurs who introduced the concept of web-based food delivery to the restaurant industry. Today, that level of convenience is now expected from every restaurant you come across. Mike has a passion for helping small businesses succeed in a ever-confusing digital world. In his free time, you may run into Mike with his wife and kids running around Victory Park in Rumson, having lunch on the front patio of Tommy's Tap + Tavern in Sea Bright or strolling the streets of Red Bank, Rook New Orleans Style coffee in hand. He loves hearing from customers so feel free to email him at mike@jerseyshoredelivery.com